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496 Ready to go!

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The 496 is all put together minus the oil pan. The oil pan just came in today. (Thanks Mike Lewis). I am trying to get the car as ready as I can before I haul it to 72Nova's house for the engine install on Saturday.

Last couple of things left to do and have questions: I am changing from a column shift to a floor shift. The shifter piece that sticks out on the steering column in the engine you remove the piece or do you just cut it off? Does it matter? I don't think the summit headers will fit if I leave it.

Thanks for all the help everyone, we are almost there.:hurray:
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Congrats on the new engine build!!

I left mine does not matter unless you want to 100% correct. You don't notice it really.
I have a pic HERE of my new 496 and you can not even tell it is there. Hope this helps
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