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496 850 dp baseline

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Hey guys. My engine specs are in my sig. I haven't fired the motor yet I'm just trying to get some things ready for when I do. I know that its not possible to really dial in the carb without running it but was just wondering if I could get a could starting point from expeeiences. Carb is a holley 850dp has down leg boosters and screw in air bleeds so I can easily change those as well. I'm also trying to recurve the dist. Its a stock gm with accel coil all new cap and rotors any advice on which springs and weights. Adj vac adv? Thanks guys.
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For the carb, put it back to Holley spec. Jets, power valves, etc. if the carb is correct for the application (sounds like it is) then it should only take a slight variance from box-stock to work well. For the dizzy, again I would start with stock components to get it running. Once running you can dial in a better advance curve once you can put a timing light on it.

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