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49 ford f-1 with a 402 interceptor

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I am rebuilding dads 49 engine was locked up I am tearing down and want to build 450 to 500 horses what cam, crank, heads, lifters and compression am I looking for it is going to be bored out but not shore how much yet. What are the best components to build this power
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IMHO if the 402 is locked up either spay oil down the spark plug holes let soak and keep trying to break it loose, if you get it broke loose put a set of AFR 265 heads on it and cam it for the heads OR find a 454, build it with those same heads and you'll be well over 500 hp, Glad you're not talking about putting an LS in the F1, in the 70's a friend had one he put his 66 Mustang GT 289 & 4 spd in after he wrecked the Stang, that was a Fun truck EDIT 402 Interceptor? what casting # on the heads and any idea if it's a forged crank & pistons? I'd probably pull the heads off cause I'm nosey LOL
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