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Getting ready to rip out the motor in my 72 Chevelle. Planning on installing a 700 r4 tranny, alum heads,intake, carb, lifters, cam, etc etc.. With everything out there I want to get it right the first time!!! I don't mind rebuilding but I really would appreciate some advice. If you had a choice of what you would do all-over again/ process of doing/ or plan on doing to your motor I need your help:thumbsup: .. First off I will be taking the Velle to the track a couple of times but mainly for a mean street machine. What crank, lift, piston brand, etc would you do on YOUR build up for this type of rebuild?

As usual your advice is appreciated!!!!!


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$700 steel 4.25 crank, $400 set of Eagle rods, $550 set of SRP pistons. End up with a 496. Pick your poison on a solid roller cam setup, about $700 less what you don't spend on a flat tappet cam. Pick your poison on a set of aluminum heads, the Edelbrock/GMPP Roval ports are excellent for this type engine. Edelbrock RPM manifold, Holley 770 Avenger vacuum secondary carb. The exact cam specs depend on you tranny, converter and rear gears. Figure something about 230 - 240* or so @ .050 lift. 1&7/8 headers into a 2.5 mandrel bent exhaust. Your trips to the strip will be fun and you will cream any normal street car. You might to think about a cheap spare set of wheels with drag radials because your street tires will be toasted in a hurry if you get to nailing it.

IMHO, YMMV, all that jazz.

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Here's what I am running in my '69 with an M20 & 3:31's...Oh ya, and now a major traction problem...:D I bought this from a guy who was running it in a semi race '68 that did 12.05 @114 mph with an automatic.
Steel crank
Shop peened and polished rods
KB Hyper 10.25:1
Full Comp Roller
Cam: 232/232,advertised @290, 578, 110 lobe sep. Part # 11-450-8
Pro Magnum Roller Rockers 1.7
Pro Magnum Hydrolic Lifters
Double Springs
702's heavily ported w/ Manley Stainless Larger Valves
New Team G Single Plane
Quick Fuel 850
Hooker Comp Headers 1 7/8 with 3 1/2 Collector

I run this on the street and it's the funnest thing I've ever driven and this summer I plan on taking it to the track a few times...:yes:
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