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454 project but new to BBC's

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Posted this on the preformance page by mistake,

Hey, just need to pick some brains of the guys that have been through this before.

I've been poking around the list and search function trying to get some ideas and you guys seem to have it all together!

I just picked up a 73 454 out of a vette.

Its got the standard Q'jet, 049 heads with about 66K miles.

Looking to move it up to the 425-500 hp level coupled to the TH400 for street use on pump gas.

Not looking for a NOS set up or anything that extreme.

I'm certainly new to the BBC scene. Haven't opened it up yet but trying to put a plan together

Any suggestions on what to do with the heads, ie bigger valcves worth it or bowl work, piston changes, manifold and carb or efi. Not trying to get into aluminium heads route or hugh $ but rather 60-70 muscle ideas.

Trying to learn the tried and true from you guys with the experience.

Thanks Dick
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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