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454 gen V build

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Hi all! I decided to start another thread where I will share the process of refreshing my 454 big-block. But it is more important for me that you help me avoid critical mistakes when assembling the engine, since this is my first work with a big-block. It's not a big dollar build, but just an engine refresh because I had to take it apart and wash all the oil passages.

So, I completely disassembled the engine, because camshaft and lifter were damaged, which I talked about in this thread 454 big block camshaft problem.

All parts of the engine, except for the above, are in good condition, in my opinion. I have checked them and made the necessary measurements. So I only ordered a timing kit, camshaft, hydraulic flat lifters, bearings, piston rings, gaskets and the book How to rebuild the big-block Chevrolet.

I lightly honed the cylinders with a hone tool, then washed out the block and other parts.


The crankshaft was polished in the machine shop. I checked the clearance with the plastigauge - 0.0015" on the 1-4 main journals, 0.002" on the rear and 0.002" on all rods journals.
Gas Auto part Machine Carmine Titanium

When I installed the rear main seal, I found an o-ring. I installed it under the rear main cup, did I do it right?

When I wanted to install the pistons, I realized that the new rings do not fit the pistons, so I had to order another set. Mistake in the piston ring set?


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Are you planning to run it with that main bearing clearance? Twice that much is still in spec but .0025 is most common.
Too much clearance = low oil pressure
Too little clearance = spun bearings, possible BOOM...


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Ditto above on oil passages. Cam /lifter failure can send sintered iron through the engine. Did you pull all the oil galley plugs and scrub the galleys ( passages ) out with gun barrel brushes when you cleaned the block. ANY trace amounts of metal will eat her alive in hours and ruin all your careful work. ( and $$)
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