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454 Engine

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Hi, I know I might sound stupid but I have a problem. I have a 454 out of a 1971 - 1975 truck and It came with a wieland stealth intake manifold on the side. I went to install and found this wierd square looking ports on the heads. regardless to say when i went to match up the intake and the cylinder heads the intake did not have any ports matching up to this thing. I enclosed a photo to show you the type of head I am using.
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Im talking about in the middle of the cylinder heads, some just have a blank space, but on mine I have this 1 1/2 inch square with the best way i can desribe it is a maze around the square. I'm thinking its some kind of cooling galley? Please Help:confused:
Intake ports do match up ok. Its just this thing in the middle I have never seen before in my life. I use to be just a small block man. Try this link, I also reposted the topic under BIG BLOCK CYLINDER HEADS. that link works on that post. thanks 1737152QQrdZ1
Ok thanks, but do you know if they have after market Intake manifolds that hook up to that type of head. Or is there some type of blank off plate that you install. My Wieland Intake dosen't cover the openings.
Heres the thing that had me puzzled... The intake manifold (Weiland Stealth) does not cover up the "heat risors" but only half way. So when I matched up the intake gasket, part of the gasket covering the heat risor is not underniegth the intake. Any help...
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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