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454 build up

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I have the oppurtunity to pick up a 454 core with heads .block casting # 1401544 and heads are 363049 . Would like to build a nice street motor for 70 chevelle with 4spd and 3.31 gears . Waht would be the best way to go with it . I also have a set of patriot freedom cyl heads with 600 lift springs . Car is driven maybe 500 miles a year . Any ideas would be appreciated . Car has hooker headers and 2.5 magnaflow exhaust. Thanks again
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the engine will be torn down and checked out . i think i might want to stroke it , just dont know what is involved with that. i still want to keep it on a budget but i want to do it right this time around.if i stay with the 049 heads what work would need to be done . if i go to a 496 would the 049 heads be okay or not . thanks again
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