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454 build up

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I have the oppurtunity to pick up a 454 core with heads .block casting # 1401544 and heads are 363049 . Would like to build a nice street motor for 70 chevelle with 4spd and 3.31 gears . Waht would be the best way to go with it . I also have a set of patriot freedom cyl heads with 600 lift springs . Car is driven maybe 500 miles a year . Any ideas would be appreciated . Car has hooker headers and 2.5 magnaflow exhaust. Thanks again
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How much are you willing to spend? How far are you taking the engine down, or is it just a block and heads now? If it's together, are you leaving the bottom end alone and just wanting to drive it, or take it apart for new pistons and an overbore, etc.

If you leave it alone to keep it a 454, I say stick with the 049 heads. If you're going to go with new pistons for more compression but keep it 454/460/468, I still say go with the 049 heads.

If you're willing to get a new crank and all those parts, you can stroke it to a 489/496 and then use the Patriot heads on the bigger cubed engine.

You can build a strong engine either way here. Let us know more about your plans, or ask some more questions. Lot's of knowledgable guys here to help you out.
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