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454 Big Block Casting Numbers

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Can anyone please guide me in a direction where I could find out exactly what these numbers mean on my Big Block. Im guessing its the build date but couldnt find anything on here with a database. The casting number on my block are 361959 (P). Then theres C1677? From what Ive gathered the block is (P) Passenger big block from 73-76. Is this correct? Any guidance would be appreciated Thanks! :D
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There were no tall deck 454s.
The tall deck BBs were 366 or 427 (same stroke, different bore), and they all had 4bolt mains.
Any and all Mark IV 454 blocks (70-90) are a good core for rebuilding. If you want some extra grunt, one of the more popular mods is to install a 4 1/4in stroke crank, which results in a 496. Makes an awsome motor!
Another common mod, is to round up a junk 366 truck block (these used to be as common as dirt) and remove the 4bolt main caps/bolts and have them fitted by your machine shop (any good machine shop can easily do this). :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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