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402A2 Cam & Valve Spring Recommendation

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Taken from another topic about the 402A2 BBC solid cam, didn't want to step all over the topic.

UDHarold said:
Lunati has a spring, part # 73124, that is about perfect---At 1.900", it is 129 lbs(set between 1.900 to 1.920), and at 1.350", on the exhaust valve, it has 320 lbs. Other cam companies have similar, or identical, valve springs.....

Harold, on Lunati's site they recommend the 73121 for the 402A2. Is the 73124 a better spring for the A2? Why?

Also, I wanted to ask about #99893 Crane springs (391 per inch). In the past I used a set with the A7 cam in a 496 years ago and everything was great. I removed the inter springs for break in though. I have access to another set (new), but don't want to use the wrong springs with the A2 either.

Thank you for any help in advance.
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Thanks for the quick reply!!

Last question.

So you don't think the 99893's are too much for the A2, correct? I ask because I'd rather buy new springs and have the cam be happier at the same time.

Regardless of which spring is used, I have the inters out during break in.

Thanks again.
Digging up one of my old topics.....

Should I tell my head guy to set the spring height to 1.900" for my cam?

Also, do you have a valve retainer suggestion?

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