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402 - Worth It?

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Hi All,

I may be going to look at a 402 for sale locally in the next day or so. It's a complete engine that the current owner purchased 15 years ago and has been sitting in his garage ever since.

He does mention it needs rebuilding so the fact that it's been sitting in his garage may not amount to a hill of beans. I did get a block casting # out of him: 3969854 and I believe a date code of D671.

I asked him for the casting # from the heads and upon searching the number he gave me found that he actually gave me the intake casting number..... 3856287 Which I assume is of no use.

He's asking $450. Would it be a good buy at $350 or $400? Or is there just not enough info to go on here?

Any input is appreciated.
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according to most these guys on here, you can get a 454 for that kind of $. What I do know, it that finding parts for a 402 is a little harder, and a lot more $. If the crank in that thing is shot and beyond turning, your looking at a good chunk of $.

I'm a fan of the 396/402, but there are cheaper ways to go... sitting for years like that, you don't know what the inside looks like, this is the perverbial can of worms. I did a 402 a couple years back, by the time I was finished I had about 4k in it, and that was on the cheap, nothing exotic, just basic simple set up...
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