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400TH manual VB blew plate gasket

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For no reason and at about 30 MPH I blew a valve body plate gasket. It locked up the rear tires until I shifted it back tp 2nd. My transmission man told me it probably blew the gasket causing pressure to bleed over into reverse and locking up. He was spot on. He suggested I put it back together without gaskets on either side. Has any of you experienced anything similar? I've driven and raced it for a couple years with no issues until this.
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It's a BTE valve body. Like I said though it's been working great and gave absolutely no warning. I was told the 9" convertor was probably creating increased heat on the street and caused the gaskets to get brittle. Thanks for the responses. Are the gaskets different for manual VBs vs stock ones?
I talked to the people at BTE and decided to go back with gaskets. Got it back together and everything is fine. Hope it last.
Update on the blown plate gasket on the valve body. Just like my transmission man said it would the gasket blew again. He told me to leave them off but after talking with the valve body people I decided to go back with a pair of new gaskets. Gonna try leaving them off this time. I'm told that because of the long length of a 400 and it's valve body it's easy for the vein sufaces to get a little warped when it's continually leaned on causing the failure. He suggested I pull it out and let him file down the surfaces. Just moved into a new house and have to get my shop finished up first.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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