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I Jacked rear of Chevelle so no trans fluid loss, and removed cover plate pass side 4 bolts for turbo 400. pulled governor out to modify it. I took it apart cut off ends of installed nails. Lighten the stock inner weights I ground off about 1/2 inch on each inner weight, the outer weights were lighten by GM had a 1" hole in each weight. Stock springs are 1 light 1 heavy.
I put in 2 light springs. Cleaned and check all, the drive gear,the valve moves freeley and have .20 on intake and exhaust ports. Put it all back together Used # 6 finish bent them and trim nails,my governor cover gasket did not need to be replaced. You may want to get one in case yours does break up.
Car moves out better, first to second is sweet, and now goes in drive at about 28 MPH. WOT shifts are about 4800 RPM.
Thanks to Jakeshoe, TCI, and local trans shop for a spare govener, for parts.
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