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400 small block piston choice

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I have a 3951511 stock bore 2 bolt 400 that has stock dish pistons,crank and rods. I want to build this for a nice street manners motor . I would like to change the pistons to Speed Pro hypereutectics H615cp which have a comp. hgt. of 1.425 and change the rods to 5.7 . The block has not been decked; so I'm assuming I have 9.025 deck height.I want to see if I'm calculating this right so bear with me.
Stock stroke:3.75 /2 = 1.875
Comp.hgt of piston: 1.425
Rod length: 5.7
Total: 9

Should leave me .025 in the hole right?
Piston's have a .135 dish w/4valve reliefs. Will run cast iron Darts w/64 cc chambers.
Any experts out there let me know if I'm correct . Thank's in advance for your help. Don
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If it'll clean up at .020, I have a new set of reverse dome Keith Blacks that I'd make you a deal on...
What Dart heads? I'm building a 400 with some of the new big Bowtie Vortecs, hope to have some numbers soon.
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