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396 Timing Cover Dowel Pins GM Part # 3836903

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Evening folks. Ran into a problem when I pulled down a recently purchased 396. No dowel pins in the block that align the timing cover. GM says they are no longer available at the dealers.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help.
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OK, took a closer look at the block last night and there is not even a boss where the dowel holes should be. The timing cover holes for the dowel pins hang over the outboard edge of the machined area. Anyone ever seen this.

Every GM V8 I've ever built had the pins on the timing cover.
68 was the trasition year for these, 65-67 didn't have them.
That explains it. So how do you properly align the timing cover with the crankshaft and ensure that the timing cover mates to the oil panproperly? It appears that this was the original problem in that the timing cover was not centered on the crankshaft and not quite up to the block oil pan deck.

Suggestions please.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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