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I've got a 3916323 block cast in Oct., '67 that I need to ID. This could be a 325, 350, or (maybe) 375 horse engine for a '68. The stamped #s look to be mostly there, but very light. I see a T and something next to it, then some digits. May not be a Chevelle engine, could be Camaro or Impala. Always my luck on something I need to ID. What are some tricks to get these to show up better without destroying them? I'm getting ready to wipe some whiteout into the stampings to see if I can read it better. If there is a better method I need to use before I try this I want to do it before I do this.
This engine is a .030 over 4 bolt block with all forged bottom end, dimple rods, and nice forged TRW pistons. Standard, cross drilled crank, in excellent condition. ( has pilot bushing in it, so this may be a 4T stamped block for a manual trans Camaro?)
Once I get a positive ID, I will be looking for someone that needs it for their restoration, as I do not have a '68 and would love to get someone matched up with this engine(short block). Heads on it now are '71 LS-5 820 heads. I just pulled this out of a great running '70 Elky.
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