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396/375 cam replacement

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Hi folks,

I am in the process of a tear down over haul of my 396/375 from my 70 Chevelle and would like some opinions... The car is pretty heavy since it has a/c , ps, pb and several other options and it is a cruiser. It is pretty much stock with the exception of a set of Hooker Super Comps ( which are flat on the bottom from hitting about every speed bump it has ever crossed and are likely to be replaced with Heddman Elites) and a Torker R-2. Car is a 4sp with 3.55 posi.

I think I will go back with a stock alum hi rise intake to better fit the cowl induction set up. I will drop the comp to about 10:1 if I have to overbore the engine , otherwise it will be the stock 11?:1 pistons and rods.

I am looking for cam recommendations and any other suggestions u might want to offer. Comp recommended an XR282HR as a roller cam option and a XE268H for a flat tappet suggestion. I want to have enough vac to have reliable brakes along with a good lumpy idle. I would like to get a power boost if possible and like the idea of the hydraulic roller cam but wonder if the extra cost is worth it. I also plan on roller rockers but I want them to fit under the stock valve covers (is that possible?).

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


edit - good info so far...anybody else want a shot?:thumbsup:
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Bob,check your email,i sent you some oil/cam info i thought may be helpfull to you for you upcomming cam change.



Many thanks for the oil info! I had already read your sticky on the subject and found it really useful....looks like a change in oil type is in my future for several of my cars!
no problem...I run mobile 1 in the vette and my other "modern" cars but I will switch or Rotella or something similar for my 68 Firebird and 74 Porsche 914.

thanks again for the great info!
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