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388 short block

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Hey fellas I have an issuse. I am about to buy a 388 short block for a steel of a deal. Everything in the block is cast with flat top pistons . What I want to know is. What top end parts can I get to made it a streetible (pump gas) motor?
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I am running Dart Iron eagle 72cc heads with 388, flat top pistons with 2 valve reliefs. 12 degrees initial and full advance by 2600rpm. Must run high test gas. It only pings if I try to run around town with the rpm below 1800 rpm with the 2500 rpm torque converter locked up. My compression is around 10 to 1. I also run a high volume water pump with a performance 180 degree thermostat, 4 core radiator, and clutch 7 blade fan. She holds 180 solid thru all kinds of temps. No pinging under normal driving and petal to the metal.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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