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383 stroker vs. stock 454. which one?

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I have a 70 chevelle with a 383 stroker, forged pistons, crankshaft,h beam rods,top end kit etc...puttin out around 520 hp. I know this one guy that has a 79 camaro with a stock 454 otherwise the intake manifold. He talks about it all the time but says his bigblock would own my small block is he right? I believe he is terribly wrong:noway:...well i just wanna know who would win?

Also..can i run a 8.2 10 bolt with my stroker?

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Only one way to find out: take em to the track and run what ya brung. ;) But theoretically, there are too many uknown variables. Variables such as rear gear ratios, stall speed RPM's (if both an automatic trans) vehicle weights, rear tire heghts, exhaust systems, transmissions used, cam specs, cylinder heads used... and the list goes on and on. And then there's the driver skills too, and the suspensions used both front and rear, as well as the tire types. Even if you're making more power with your car, it wouldn't mean squat if your car sits there and spins the tires, and his car hooks the tires off the line real good. 60' times mean a lot in a drag race. And as far as hid 454 engine being "stock"...well...if I had a dollar for every time I was told that by other racers who had modified cars, I'd be filthy rich. :yes:
I love this answer!
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