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350 main bearings

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does anybody know where I can get 350 main in .060 under?
I need them asap.
summit doesn´t have them untill 5 of april and I need them sooner
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unless you have some sort of one-off, high dollar billet crank
In which case, it's worth doing right, instead of half-a$$ing it like that; if it got smoked THAT BAD, get it welded up and ground back down to std.
Sounds like you need to do the weld-up and turn-down thing then... that's the standard way around the world of repairing a crank when it's too far gone to buy bearings for. I'm sure there is someone in Iceland who can do that,; try a shop that works on big trucks, if you can't find anybody that works on race cars. No balancing would be "required", since the new metal will weigh arbitrarily close to the same as what was there before.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts