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350 main bearings

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does anybody know where I can get 350 main in .060 under?
I need them asap.
summit doesn´t have them untill 5 of april and I need them sooner
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Clevite has -60 main bearing set for 350 chev, part number is MS-909PC-60. The problem is that these are semi-finished bearings (designated as C-60), and there aren't many shops that are equipped to finish bearings correctly. Some larger production engine rebuilders may have the equipment and expertise to do this job, but it would very likely cost you more than a replacement crank would. There are virtually millions of 350 Chev cranks in the world and you would be much better off finding a crank kit with a crank that has been ground .010" or .020", even if you have to pay the core charge for a "grindable" crank. That is, unless you have some sort of one-off, high dollar billet crank that you are trying to save.
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