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350 for sale in New York

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I know this isen't the "right" place for an ad, but it's gotta get sold, fast.

Okay, a buddy of mine just pulled the 350 out of his caprice(the frame was rotted out) and is interested in selling it.
It is a low miles strong 74 caprice 350, COMPLETE down to the motor mounts.

If any of you are interested in picking up a cheap good used motor call me

Francis - 1-914-257-4634

Francis Taracido Gold# 201 :)
[email protected]
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If you know it's not the right place then why did you post it here (and in other catagories) anyway? It doesn't sound like it's a life or death situation so why abuse the forum? I know that you're a long time contributor but lets keep this site world class.
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