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327 Top End Q

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I am finally getting ready to finish off a rebuild on the 327 for my 64 300 sedan and was wondering what top end you guys would recommend.

Here are the specs so far on the build:

'64 327 Small Journal Block, with 4 bolt splayed caps. Stock 327 crank std/std. An old, but still new, set of Eagle H-Beam Rods. Forged Dome Pistons. I would anticipate 11.4:1 with a 64cc head. The machine work is already completed and the short block is together.

I always used a close ratio Muncie and will likely use the M22 I have this time around. Although I do also have a fully built TH-350 sitting in the garage that may find its way in there at some point. Torque Converter would be selected after the rest of the combination is done and if I go that route.

I am using a 4.56 gear.

Street Manners are not a major concern. This vehicle is a toy that only sees short trips. It has no options so idle quality is also not much of a concern.

I was looking at the new AFR heads either 180 or 195cc. Should I be looking elsewhere or would one of those fit the bill? I am also on the fence somewhat about whether to select the street or comp heads. Any thoughts?

I will select a cam after I finalize my head and intake selection. Although, in the past I always just called G.K. and this time around that is no longer an option. So, if someone wants to recommend a particular cam or cam manufacturer I am all ears.

Finally, on the intake. Would I be correct that I should just pick up a new RPM intake and port match it to the heads rather than attempt to use any of the following which I already have: Edel TM-1, stock "Z/28" intake, or Holley 300-36?

Thanks for the help.
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I will have to check the pistons to see if there are any numbers on them but I don't believe there are. I know they were different than the stock replacement L-79 pistons. The dome is different back when I got them I held them next to a stock GM piston. I can't remember if the dome was slightly higher or just shaped different than the stock piston. Now, mind I purchased these pistons more than a few years ago and am finally using them. So, I have no idea anymore what brand they are. As far as compression I have going off of what my machinist stated it would be w/ a 64cc head. That being on the better side of 11.5:1.

Any particular Dart head that you would recommend? I would assume you were referring to their PRO 1 head, but I hate to make an assumption.

Yeah, I have been definitely kicking around the idea of the roller cam since in the grand scheme of things it really is not that much more money. That and it would be interesting, at least for me, to see if there is a benefit as I always used a flat tappet before.

Also, I checked and there are no numbers on the pistons.

Finally, I am a little surprised that no one else jumped on this thread. I definitely figured that someone would opine on the AFR heads. Since that has not happened I am going to consider the Dart heads. I did have a friend of mine who runs a stock car recommend the Iron Eagles stating that if he could he would use them. But apparently the class rules do not allow them.

Anyway, Butch thanks for the help.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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