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327 main bearing question.

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Helping my friend with his engine assembly after a camshaft problem. He ordered new bearings and on the upper main bearings the oil hole doesn't line up with the hole in the block. These are sealed power bearings with one hole up on the side of the bearing and a groove with a slot in it.

When looking through the groove with the slot cut in the bearing you can see the oil galley hole in the block. Is this okay? Looks like it would restrict oil flow to the mains?

His old bearings were Clevite with two holes in them. One hole lined up perfect with the hole in his block the other didn't and is in the same location the one single hole is on the sealed power bearings.

This is in a 1966 327.
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Do they line up at all, or are they totally off ? How about a picture ? Some bearings dont line up perfectly, but its hard to tell what you have without actually looking at them. Do you know which part number bearings he purchased ?
Something does not sound right :( Pictures are needed !! I think I have a set of the Clevite bearings for a 327 at the shop, but not a set of F-M's See if you can get the parts numbers.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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