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Currently running the following set-up until I get my BBC done:

1968 camaro
327 ci
461 heads
eddy perf. rpm manifold
holley 750 vac sec
2.5 exhaust through flowmasters
3.73 posi
2800 stall

I had some problems with rocker arm "ticking" and when I inspected the lifters I noticed some cracks and chips in the bases, therefore I removed them all. They are hydraulic lifters. I then decided to remove the cam and indeed some of the lobes were worn and some had little cracks in them as well. I identified the cam as a comp magnum cam with .244/.244 dur and .501/.501 lift. This car ran very well, but I can't help but wonder if this cam was too big. I was looking through the voodoo lines ans saw one that may be better. It was the voodoo 276 hydraulic. In the description it best matched my existing set-up with the stall and the gears, headres, intake etc.. Would I be even happier with the next one down which is the 268? I must say I loved the sound of the magnum cam but I also heard these voodoos sound pretty mean too. Appreciate any and all help. I know its a camaro but I've been on here before and you guys are by far the best!

Ditto, Nova!!

Any of the many 266/268/270/272 and even 274 will do you nicely..

Here you go AND I am not getting into the newer cams b/c I have trouble keeping up with them is all.

Crane/Cam Dynamics, 266/266, 272/272 Energizers and 274 H06.

CC 268HE, 270 Magnum.

Isky 270 Mega.

The 266 for a mild, lower CR, 327 motor and all the rest if your CR is from say, 9.5 to a schosh below 10 to 1 for cast-iron heads!!

FOR a good running street motor!!


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts