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I am using Mr Gasket 5800 composition type head gaskets, and both the heads and decks have been surfaced. Please tell me what the stainless steel rings that are adjacent to the bore edges are called, and also, what is their significance. Are they rolled (clamped) in place, or are they solid. The reason I ask, is that I used a Dremel grinder to remove about 003" of the stainless rings adjacent to the valve reliefs in order to exactly match the contour of my (cast iron) head's combustion chambers. I notice that the stainless rings seem to be double layered (crimped or rolled around the edge), and I'd like to know whether or not it is acceptable for me to have done so (grind the ring). Or did I compromise the gasket.
Thanks in advance.

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Paul, he said Composition gaskets....different animal there.

Composition gaskets have the fire ring around the edge.
It gets really hot there....that is why it is present...that is why the bore hole in the gasket is quite a bit larger than the cylinder bore, to get it back outa the heat....

I do think you have ruined the gaskets, JMHO mind if you get some more opinions...
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