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307 to 454 Truck?

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Hi Guys!My son is swapping out his 307 in his 69 Chevelle for a 1978 454 truck motor from a Scottsdale.Should we use the old frame mounts or get new frame and motor mounts together? Also will the truck oil pan work?By any chance do you guys have a part# on what headers to use?Thanks a ton!
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I'd definately swap the frame stands and engine mounts for the factory 396 units. Much stronger, has safety tab, and will position the engine correctly. As for headers, you should then be able to use any 396/454 header designed for the 68 chassis. Doubt the pan will work...
Shouldn't be with the engine out. There's 4 bolts holding the stands to the frame and the nuts should be accessible from the bottom of the front crossmember. Just be careful not to drop the nuts down inside the crossmember or at least have a magnet handy.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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