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307 Fast?

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I have a 69 malibu with a 307. Is there a way I can build this motor to make it fast and durable at the same time? Will I need a new crank, new heads, borred block, what cam do I use? These questions and more. A machinist told me that I can use 327 stuff, I'm new at this but am willing to learn and ready to get started. Or should I just build a 350? Will someone that honestly knows what they're talking about please help!! THANKS.
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Just an additional comment.
When I bought the 70 Malibu conv in 98, it still had its ORIGINAL 307, which was VERY tired. I promptly built a SB400 and replaced the 307 and sold it.
Today, I REALLY, REALLY regret doing that!!!
I wish I had rebuilt the 307 with a .060 bore and stroked it with a 350 crank (or, MAYBE, MAYBE with a 400 crank). But too late now. I would have then built is like a very nice 350---------------AND THE CAR WOULD STILL HAVE IT'S ORIGINAL, NUMBERS MATCHING ENGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a factory 3sp on the column and I replaced it with a Muncie. I often think maybe I should have searched around for a HD 3sp to replace the original Saginaw 3sp. And instead of swapping the original 10bolt 3.08 non-posi with a 12bolt posi, just added an Eaton posi unit. Oh well, it's water under the bridge now.
I too have a 70 malibu. with a numbers matching 307 in it. Bought mine in 99 was ready to pull the trigger and swap out for a 383. Just recently have been struggling with parting with it. I'd love to hear more about what you would've done with your's thanks
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