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I have a 69 malibu with a 307. Is there a way I can build this motor to make it fast and durable at the same time? Will I need a new crank, new heads, borred block, what cam do I use? These questions and more. A machinist told me that I can use 327 stuff, I'm new at this but am willing to learn and ready to get started. Or should I just build a 350? Will someone that honestly knows what they're talking about please help!! THANKS.
Depends on what you consider fast.
That's a pretty subjective and relative term.
Fast .
Can it be economically feasible to do some things to a 307 to make it "fast" ?
But again there's gonna be a line there where putting more money in it to go "fast "
Isn't worth it

Let me ask you a question.
What do you consider fast ?
What do you consider quick?
What are your goals for the car for atleast the time while the 307 is in it ?

As far a boring and stroking that motor and putting new top end on it id say that would be over that line im talking about.

How fast is fast ?
1 - 1 of 25 Posts