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ssal396 said:
IMHO, if you are talking about a new crank, heads, pistons,& boring it out, it wouldn't cost you a whole lot more to pick up a 350 block.. Like Tom said, it's actually going to cost you LESS for the 350 parts then it would to build the 307..

Again, just my.02
That's what I was thinking too when I saw all the parts he's talking about replacing. The extra c.i. you get by starting with a 350 will probably give you the cheapest h.p. you can get.

I have seen quick 307's so it's not impossible. However, it seems like those who hot rod 307's are just doing it to prove that it can be done. It sucks to throw an engine away, but I really don't think you'll save all that much by using the 307, and the 350 has so much more potential.
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