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307 cam

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Decided not to build up a 350 motor and Im just going to put the 307 back in my 72 chevelle. My buddy talked me into putting a new cam and lifters in it. What is the stock specs on a 72 cam on a 307 and what size and type cam should i go with? The Summit cams seemed like a good deal.Nothing else in the motor will change but I will put duel exhaust on it and a slightly larger converter.
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I just have the stock 2:73 peg leg rear end. So the 214/224 would be the one to get if all is basically stock? Will it make much difference and should i bother doing it?
Got it written wrong.......Will the 204/214 make much difference over the stock? I do have to buy a converter because i dont have the stocker anymore so i can bump that up to something better.
I have a TH350 in the car. The car is 100% original so at this point dont want to change alot. I just want to increase performance some while replacing old parts. If bumping the cam up a notch is going to help then i dont mind doing it but if not i dont want to bother.
I have been in the process of building a fast street 350 for it and storing the 307. I got frustrated and tired of spending money on the car so i decided to store the 350 for another car and keeping the 307 car original. Im not looking to go fast in it. Just want a reliable engine that runs nice. If i want to go fast i have my 72 convertible.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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