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307 cam

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Decided not to build up a 350 motor and Im just going to put the 307 back in my 72 chevelle. My buddy talked me into putting a new cam and lifters in it. What is the stock specs on a 72 cam on a 307 and what size and type cam should i go with? The Summit cams seemed like a good deal.Nothing else in the motor will change but I will put duel exhaust on it and a slightly larger converter.
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i wouldn't bother with the 307. yeah, they run forever, but it is still a 307.
a 350 can be built cheap enough, and even the most worthless 350 will be way better in the torque and drivability departments than even a decent 307. and i'd bet you don't lose any mpg, if that's a concern.
and if originality is your concern, just wrap the 307 in Saran wrap and shove it in the corner of the garage, and tell everyone that the 350 is the stock 307 with a 4 barrel intake on it. then, if you sell the car, include the 307 with it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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