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300 Deluxe Emblems ?

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Not very familiar at all with the base 300 or 300 Deluxe cars. I know they exist but rarely see one at a car show. Recently acquired some parts for my '71 Chevelle (current project) and these two emblems were in the bottom of the box. By the part number on the back (7584849) and a google search I decided they are for 66/67 model years? All three studs and acorn nuts intact, good shine but couple minor pits to the chrome on the front. Would like to list them on the classified board as they won't work for me but someone may need them. Want to be fair to all so hence the question, "What are they worth? "


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Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Will try my hand at some better pics before I move them to the members Classified section. Must be pretty hard to find, I've been to a lot of swap meets over the years and don't remember ever seeing a set of these.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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