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need some help i just put in my 3 step it has 3 wires black ground...1 red..1
blue. I put the red wire to one side of my line wire to switch
im new to this 3 when when i go into the water box to heat
up my tires i turn on the switch with the blue wire. now when i go to the
line stage the car..... do i leave that switch ON OR OFF thanks....Butch

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What is a 3 step?
An electrical device hooked into the ignition system that allows you to have 1. Rev limiter for burnout, 2. Rev limiter for stage/launch, 3. Rev limiter for overrev protection when running down the track.
They can also be wired for other functions, but that's how most are used.
BTW, you might get a better result in the Performance forum, that's where the racers hang out.
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