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3 Part question: SPRINGS!

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Hi all,

My question is a three - parter:

I am re-using my stock front springs on my 69. They are small block springs, and they are 18" uninstalled. I want to cut them down a little, to lower the front just slightly. My question:
1. Will cutting them down to 17.5" (3/4 of a coil) have any effect, or should I do more?
2. One side is 18", and the other is 17 3/4", leading me to believe one has worn more than the other. If I cut them both to 17.5" (meaning LESS than 3/4 coil on the one that is worn) so that they are even in uninstalled length, will that restore them to being even once they are back on the car?
3. I've heard this increases spring rate. Does that mean that they will get a little stiffer by cutting them down? This SEEMS like a good thing, if it's in moderation for bringing life back to old springs?
Sorry if these questions are elementary....I just don't want to ruin my springs!

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I have used cut big block springs in the past with a smallblock. Small block springs are much lower rating to start with.
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