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hi there is a 3 gauge cluster in my malibu it was in the car when i got it oil,volts,water. the oil is working but not the water or volts. the steel line from the water temp gauge is in the block but there are to contacts in the back that know wires are going to them. do i gust put power to it. is it the same for the volt gauge. shouldn,t the water temp gauge work with the steel line in it and nothing eles?
i hope you can under stand what im trying to say. thanks rick breit.

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Water temp: Sounds like you have a mechanical sending unit and an electric type gauge. You sure there isn't another sending unit somewhere on you block? Could the electrical wire from the back of this gauge be for the lamp?

Volt: You should just be able to hook this one up. Find out wich is (+) and which is (-) on it. Hook the (+) post up to the fuse box terminal labeled ACC and take the (-) terminal to the nearest ground; Firewall screw will do.

For the Lamp part of the cluster you can tie each of these together and run one wire over to the fuse block terminal labeles LPS. The for the (-) the cluster uses it's metal shell, so you will need to ground it because it is liekly hooked up to your plastic dash. One trick is to take a short jumper wire and go from the "retainer bracket" screw to teh Voltmeter's (-) terminal.

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