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3/8" temp sender

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I'm building a 454 for my 70 Chevelle. The new Edelbrock heads have 3/8" openings for the temp sender. Does anyone have recommended part numbers for the temp sender? I have idiot lights.

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I take it you want to reuse your "Hot" warning temp light and that it's sender is 1/2mpt that screws into the head. If the heads are off the car you could have the hole drilled and taped to accept the OEM sender. A machine shop could do this and you can too with the proper tools if you have them.
You could relocate the sender to the intake manifold and install a aftermarket gauge (electric) in the head.
Otherwise you will have to do some digging to see if a Hot light sender came in a 3/8 thread. You will have to find a Autoparts or GM parts place that will look up this type of info for you or allow you to look at there old catalogs.
Personally I would install a good set of gauges regardless of the idiot light.
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