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2004R to driveshaft yoke engagement

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I have a question about fitting my old drive shaft into a 2004R I just put in. My car is a 66 Chevelle that had a Turbo 350 before the swap. When I place the yoke into the 2004R, it only goes in about 2 inches-it that normal for a 2004R? If its suppose to go in further, than what is the trick? I don't want to cut the shaft unless I really have to. Any information would be great.

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I am using the same drive shaft, original to the car with a powerglide, then a th350 and now the 2004r. Yours should work fine and it should go in more than 2 inches. I think you might be hanging up on the bushing in the tail shaft. check your yoke on the drive shaft for burrs and the end of the yoke should have a chamfer
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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