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2000 Camaro Trans question

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Buddy of mine has an 2000 Camaro stick shift. I assume a T5. He needs to pull the trans for a clutch change. Is this a standard removal process or does the bell have to come off with the trans as a unit? He says he has the 4 bolts out of the trans that attach it to the BH, but it is held up by some TO bearing linkage?? It think it is part hydraulic/part cable. How does the trans come out of one of these things??
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Re: 2001 Camaro Trans question

1 is the clutch line coming from the clutch master cylinder.
2 is the slave cylinder

There is a special tool to get that clutch line off the slave cylinder. Clutch line coupling removal tool (J 36221) in GM talk.

I used a screwdriver to carefully push the white collar in (I think pushing the clutch line IN at the same time helps). Push white collar in with screwdriver, push IN line, then pull clutch line out (while still pushing IN with screwdriver). Pliers will do nothing but damage the clutch line.
Re: 2001 Camaro Trans question

So the part with the (1) pointing at it (scratched up brass piece) will come out of the larger diameter brass piece?

The scratched brass piece extends for a few inches further into that larger diameter brass piece (the slave cylinder). The white collar is at least an inch long inside that larger diameter brass piece. White needs to pushed in all the way around the diameter. Napa has the tool for $6 or so, but try what mwiggett said about using an open ended wrench or even a crescent wrench to depress to white collar.
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