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200 4r Sources?

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I've done a search on the 200 4r or the 200r4, (not sure what the correct designation is) but no one list what cars these are out of.

What cars would be a good donor to get one out of for a 72 with a sbc 350?

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Pretty much all rear wheel drive vehicles were offered with the 200r4 after 1982? but if memory serve's, the General made improvements that would be prefered after 1987 when they introduced a stronger trans. If you have a strong 350 then I would be looking for a 700R4 because it is a considerably stronger trans. But you would have to make other mods to the driveshaft and relocate the crossmember to make it fit.

I would look for the following vehicles which offered both 200r4 & 700r4 transmissions.
1982 - up Camaro / Firebird
S10/15 Pickup Trucks
Cutlass, Monte Carlo etc...

Hope it Helps.

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