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It’s crunch-time here at Super Chevy headquarters. We have a mere 7 days to prep, check parts off the grocery list, and otherwise mentally prepare for CPP Week to Wicked presented by Super Chevy and Axalta. While the gearheads in the shop pull their hair out, racking their brains for any minute detail or missing part the could hold up the build, we sent one of our talented videographers out with the car to get some glamour shots of this slick ’67, pre-build.

Take a look through 20 gorgeous photos of the car and make sure to check back at beginning April 18th for daily updates, videos and excitement as we transform a stock Chevelle into a 625 horsepower Pro-Touring monster!

20 Beautiful Photos of the Week to Wicked Chevelle

What is Week to Wicked?
It all begins the morning of April 18 when our stock 1967 Chevelle will roll into Super Chevy’s Santa Ana Tech Center for a full teardown and rebuild. We’ll be pulling the car down to its bones, replacing steering, suspension, powertrain, drivetrain, and just about everything else you can possibly imagine; all with the goal of bringing the performance of a 1967 Chevelle up to par with modern muscle cars. It’ll be a mad rush till the very last seconds of our timeline. And if that wasn’t enough, immediately following the build, we’ll be driving the car on a 1,000-plus-mile road trip to Arizona to prove its road-readiness. We’ll be hitting the Tucson drag strip, the engine dyno at Westech, Hot Rods by Dean and a few local cruise-ins!

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