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2 PCI wireless cards - neither will work

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My old laptop died, so I bought a "new" one at a yard sale (HP Pavilion ZE5300) - 10 years old . Got it running pretty good after I cleaned a bunch of crap off and out of it.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have a wireless antenna :(. It came with a Netgear PCI wireless card - which the seller said didn't work, and I had a 2Wire one that was never used.

I can't get EITHER one to work - DL'd drivers for each one, etc. but neither one will even light up. Either something (firewall/antivirus?) is blocking them from working, which is what some of my research indicates, or the slot is bad.

Any ideas? Thanks! :)
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I thought PCI cards fit in a computer slot? You talking PCI card or PCMCIA adapter?
A PCI card, Dale - like the attachment.

Jonathan - that is the next step, gonna try a few more things first.



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OK, obviously I don't know what the hell I'm doing here. :eek:
Thanks, Mike. Some of those I had installed already, some I hadn't. Still no joy.

Next question - how do I enable that slot?

Thanks again!

Apparently there is a problem with the " 'O2Micro OZ6912' PCMCIA Card Controller Driver" which I can't find a solution to at the HP site. Seems to have been an issue with other manufacturers' laptops also.

Since it's WAY out of warranty it looks like they want people to pay to talk to their tech line. That ain't happening. :noway: I may try a USB wireless card if I can't get this going soon.
That's not in the budget, Dale - but thanks!

I'm trying to make what I have already work, and it's pretty dang tedious. :boring:
I got one of these:

instead at WalMart online for $11 - working good so far. :D
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