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My friend's mother's 94 Cavalier has a heater core problem and needs a new one. I am willing to do it but I've never done a Cav before. Anyone have any tips or suggestions on the job?

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shaddow said:
bump it...No help???
Here's a bump,do it.Not that difficult a repair at all.
Under the hood remove the 2 heater hoses from the heater core ends.
Then inside the car,Remove the 2 covers under both sides of the dash.Then there are about 11 small screws that hold the heater core cover plate to the A/C-heater plenum.Make sure you remove them all as there are some that are hidden pretty good.Once thats out remove the 2 straps (4 screws)that hold the heater core in and then just re-assemble.Chances are good that you'll find then heater core tubes are either cracked or completely broken off,very common failure.
Hopefully its not a console car as that makes it a little more difficult but still do-able.
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