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1994 Camaro Alternator

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I am currently finishing up a complete re-wire of my 70 El Camino. I have a 1994 Camaro Z28 alternator that I got for free and would like to install it. It is 140 amps and it will bolt in directly like my old externally regulated alternator did. Does anyone know where I can get the connector to attach to the 4 smaller posts on this particular alternator? Also, does anyone know what each post does? It seems to be slightly different from the pictures in the Tech Reference section of this site, but I could be wrong. Thanks!


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For the connector try Brown and Brown or Chapman parts dept. they may have it.

The 4 connections on the CS144 should be marked P L I and S. P is a tach connection. L is the connection you will use(brown wire from the regulator) if you are using the GEN indicating light. I is the connection you will use if you’re not using the indicating light. L in some cars is used for a volt meter connection. Note: if you use the I connection (no GEN light) you will need in line resistance I don’t know the value needed. I recommend you use the GEN light.

L or I and the alternator output connected to the bat or horn relay are the only connections needed.

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