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1973 SS454 wagon

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I have an opportunity to buy a 1973 SS454 wagon. The owner says that it is the real deal with numbers matching motor and window sticker; no build sheet. I have not seen the car, but he says it is disassembled and needs a complete resto including floor pans. I didn't know they made these, but the seller sounded knowledgeable and confident in his documentation. Does anybody here have any knowldege of these cars? Even if is the real deal, is it desirable enough to restore? I would not be looking to keep it; maybe buy/sell right away or buy/restore then sell.
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I think one of those could be neat, but don't think it will ever be worth much money.
I've got kids and as a cool off beat cruiser that would be kind of neat.

My parents bought a loaded Malibu Classic Estate wagon new in 1975.
So I'm kinda nastalgic for those body styles. They traded it in on some aweful K-car varient in the late eighties with 29 thousand miles still looking new.

Saw it a year later and it was already trashed. :(

But if it needs lots of work, I'd most likely pass, just because you probably won't get your money back out.
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