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1973 SS454 wagon

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I have an opportunity to buy a 1973 SS454 wagon. The owner says that it is the real deal with numbers matching motor and window sticker; no build sheet. I have not seen the car, but he says it is disassembled and needs a complete resto including floor pans. I didn't know they made these, but the seller sounded knowledgeable and confident in his documentation. Does anybody here have any knowldege of these cars? Even if is the real deal, is it desirable enough to restore? I would not be looking to keep it; maybe buy/sell right away or buy/restore then sell.
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They were made, and are an interesting conversation piece, but that's about it. They are the proverbial red-headed stepchild; loved by few, ignored by most. Parts, either NOS or repro, are nearly impossible to find. Like Dean says, if you can get it really cheap, you might be able to make a few $$$, but be prepared to have a tough sell.
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