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1972 Radio ID help

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Is it possible for an early 1972 chevelle SS to have a 11APBT1 radio in it from factory? Product number 7933271. While working under dash I just discovered the tag on radio. It has never been hooked up since I have owned the car -no power plug!If I knew where I could get a power plug I would hook it up. Any help would be appreciated.
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cowel tag says 03A, which makes it a mid-season model. Since it has not neen hooked up since I have owned the car (15 yrs) I really question if it is origional .
I really would like to hook it up, but need the power plug to do so. I don't know which one it takes or where to inquire about purchasing one. Can anybody direct me as to where to find a power plug?
Thanks for the information, I think that is just the part I need.
Thanks again
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