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1972 Camaro 402 BBC Plus Other 402 Blocks
*** SOLD ***

I have a 1972 402 BBC out of a Camaro.

It comes with the standard bore bare block and heads.

The casting number for the block is 3999290 with a casting date of K.5.71 and assembled T1110CTB.

The VIN stamped on the block is 12N138638.

The casting number for the heads is 3999241 and the casting date for both heads is I.5.71.


I also have two 402 bare blocks and are dated 1971.

Both blocks have the casting number 3969854.

One was cast C.5.71 and assembled T0311CLB. $150

The other was cast E.17.71 and assembled T0616CLB. $150

All blocks are 2-bolt mains.

Feel free to email, call or text me at 608-751-7303 .

Thanks, Kurt

Asking Price: $400.00
Condition: Good

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