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1971 Chevelle Key stuck in trunk lock

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Put the trunk key in to unlock the trunk..turned it to unlocked but the key wont come out now..its do I get it wont turn or pull out..thanks for any help
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open the trunk with the key in the lock then with the trunk open remove the key from the lock then close the trunk.Give it a good squirt of penetrant while its open .
he said that the key is stuck.. won't come out...
i'd pop the cylinder out and then figure out what to do.. if nothing else, take it to a locksmith...
I know what he said but maybe the trunk adjustment is off or too tight and the tension is holding the key.Stranger things have happened,couldn't hurt to try and if that don't work he could remove it and work on it.
Worth a try, I've seen that happen on 70's & 80's klunkers doors and opening them helped remove the key.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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